Lashing out the action, returning the reaction Weak are ripped and torn away Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower Battery is here to stay chorus : Smashing through the boundaries lunacy has found me cannot stop the Battery Pounding out aggression turns into obsession cannot kill the Battery Cannot kill the family Battery is found in me Battery Crushing all deceivers, mashing non-believers never ending potency Hungry violence seeker, feeding off the weaker Breeding on insanity [Chorus] Circle of Destruction, Hammer comes crushing Powerhouse of energy Whipping up a fury, Dominating flurry We create the Battery [Chorus].

Master Of Puppets

End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on your deaths construction Chorus: Taste me you will see more is all you needyou're dedicated to how I'm killing you Come crawling faster obey your Master your life burns faster obey your Master Master Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings twisting your mind and smashing your dreams Blinded by me, you can't see a thing Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream Master Master Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream Master Master Needlework the way, never you betray life of death becoming clearer Pain monopoly, ritual misery chop your breakfast on a mirror [Chorus] Master, Master, Where's the dreams that I've been after? Master, Master, You promised only lies Laughter, Laughter, All I hear and see is laughter Laughter, Laughter, laughing at my cries Hell is worth all that, natural habitat just a rhyme without a reason Neverending maze, drift on numbered days now your life is out of season [Chorus] [Fade out with evil laughter].

The Thing That Should Not Be

Messenger of Fear in sight Dark deception kills the light Hybrid children watch the sea Pray for Father, roaming free fearless Wretch insanity He watches lurking beneath the sea great Old One forbidden site He searches Hunter of the Shadows is rising immortal in madness You dwell Crawling Chaos, underground cult has summoned, twisted sound Out from ruins once possessed fallen city, living death fearless Wretch insanity He watches lurking beneath the sea timeless sleep has been upset He awakens Hunter of the Shadows is rising immortal in madness You dwell Not dead which eternal lie stranger eons Death may die drain you of your sanity face The Thing That Should Not Be fearless Wretch insanity He watches lurking beneath the sea great Old One forbidden site He searches Hunter of the Shadows is rising immortal in madness You dwell.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Welcome to where time stands still no one leaves and no one will Moon is full, never seems to change just labeled mentally deranged Dream the same thing every night I see our freedom in my sight No locked doors, No windows barred No things to make my brain seem scarred Sleep my friend and you will see that dream is my reality They keep me locked up in this cage can't they see it's why my brain says Rage Sanitarium, leave me be Sanitarium, just leave me alone Build my fear of what's out there and cannot breathe the open air Whisper things into my brain assuring me that I'm insane They think our heads are in their hands but violent use brings violent plans Keep him tied, it makes him well he's getting better, can't you tell? No more can they keep us in Listen, damn it, we will win They see it right, they see it well but they think this saves us from our Hell Sanitarium, leave me be Sanitarium, just leave me alone Sanitarium, just leave me alone Fear of living on natives getting restless now Mutiny in the air got some death to do Mirror stares back hard Kill, it's such a friendly wordseems the only way for reaching out again.

Disposable Heroes

Bodies fill the fields I see, hungry heroes end No one to play soldier now, no one to pretend running blind through killing fields, bred to kill them all Victim of what said should be a servant `til I fall Chorus: Soldier boy, made of clay now an empty shell twenty one, only son but he served us well Bred to kill, not to care just do as we sayfinished here, Greeting Death he's yours to take away Back to the front you will do what I say, when I say Back to the front you will die when I say, you must die Back to the front you coward you servant you blindman Barking of machinegun fire, does nothing to me now sounding of the clock that ticks, get used to it somehow More a man, more stripes you bare, glory seeker trends bodies fill the fields I see the slaughter never ends [Chorus] Why, Am I dying? Kill, have no fear Lie, live off lying Hell, Hell is here I was born for dying Life planned out before my birth, nothing could I say had no chance to see myself, molded day by day Looking back I realize, nothing have I done left to die with only friend Alone I clench my gun

Lepher Messiah

Spineless from the start, sucked into the part circus comes to town, you play the lead clown Please, please spreading his disease, living by his story Knees, knees falling to your knees, suffer for his glory You will Chorus: Time for lust, time for lie time to kiss your life goodbye Send me money, send me green Heaven you will meet Make a contribution and you'll get a better seat Bow to Leper Messiah Marvel at his tricks, need your Sunday fix blind devotion came, rotting your brain Chain, chain Join the endless chain Fame, Fame Infection is the game, stinking drunk with power We see [Chorus] Bow to Leper Messiah Witchery, weakening Sees the sheep are gathering set the trap, hypnotize now you follow [Chorus] Lie.

Damage Inc.

Dealing out the agony within charging hard and no one's gonna give in Living on your knees, conformity or dying on your feet for honesty Inbred, our bodies work as onebloody, but never cry submission Following our instinct not a trend go against the grain until the end Chorus: Blood will follow blood Dying time is here Damage Incorporated Slamming through, don't fuck with razorback stepping out? You'll feel our hell on your back Blood follows blood and we make sure life ain't for you and we're the cure Honesty is my only excuse Try to rob us of it, but it's no use Steamroller action crushing all Victim is your name and you shall fall [Chorus] We chew and spit you out we laugh, you scream and shout All flee, with fear you run You'll know just where we come from Damage Incorporated Damage jackals ripping right through you sight and smell of this, it gets me goin' Know just how to get just what we want tear it from your soul in nightly hunt Fuck it all and fucking no regrets Never happy ending on these dark sets All's fair for Damage Inc. you see step a little closer if you please [Chorus].